Horse Country

                    Season Begins October 2013 thru April 2014
We are a unique equine rental facility dedicated to bringing the equine experience to everyone. We cater to individuals that have the desire to go horseback riding but do not have a horse of their own. Individuals that want to experience one or all of the public trail rides that are available but lacking the equipment or the horses to participate. We also offer private trail rides at the location of your choice.
We have public trails available near Katy TX, Bellville TX, Waller TX, and Conroe Tx, however, if you have a location that you prefer we will be more than happy to try to accommodate your request. Rates vary depending on location and duration of the rides. Reservations are required and payment is required in full when horses are delivered. We will be posting upcoming public rides on a regular basis.  

Don't forget to reserve your ride!
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